Welsh Language Support Grant 2020/21

Our Welsh Language Support Grant is Changing

Timeline for Competitive Welsh Support Grant 2020/21

Claim Periods(s) –​

Qualifications Wales will agree claim windows based on the timeline received from the awarding body during the application process.  Claimants will be encouraged to submit claims throughout the financial year. 


For 2020/21 our overarching priority for the Welsh Language Support Grant is to support qualifications designed:​

  • for use by learners aged 14-19 on full-time funded programmes of learning and/or
  • to be used on publicly funded apprenticeships.

We anticipate using in the majority of our available funding for qualifications that fall within this Overarching Priority, however, applications are welcome for qualifications that do not fall within this priority.

In our view it is better for qualifications to be made available for learners in both Welsh and English from the point of first teaching.  Within the Overarching Priority, we will therefore further prioritise applications in the following order:

  • Category 1: New qualifications which have been designed for first teaching from September 2020 or 2021 (these may or may not replace existing qualifications).
  • Category 2: Qualifications which are being updated for teaching from September 2020 or 2021.
  • Category 3: Qualifications which have been recently updated or reviewed and have (or for which the awarding body will be applying for) an operational end date beyond August 2023. 
  • Category 4: Older qualifications and/or qualifications with a limited lifespan remaining. 

To note: Where an awarding body wishes to apply for funding for qualifications which sit in more than one category above, we require a separate application form for each category. We also require a separate application for qualifications which are outside of our Overarching Priority. 

If you have any questions on the change to the process this year, please contact grants@qualicationswales.org


Grants supporting the Qualifications System in Wales:​

  1. Welsh Language Support Grant The Welsh Language Support Grant is designed to assist all recognised awarding bodies in enabling  learners to take regulated qualifications through the medium of Welsh. 
  2. Qualification Reform Support Grant – This grant funding is used to support the introduction of new qualifications and change within the qualifications system.
  3. Welsh for Adults Grant - This grant funding is to support the implementation of Welsh for Adults examinations. 

Awarding bodies are invited to submit a formal proposal for one of the above grants and subject to meeting the criteria, Qualifications Wales will provide a grant for one financial year.  Awarding bodies are required to complete the application process on an annual basis.  

Letter to all Responsible Officers regarding the Welsh Language Support Grant 

Welsh Language Support Grant:
General and Vocational Qualifications Financial Year 2020-21 Application Pack 

Application for Welsh Language Support: General and Vocational Qualifications 2020-21

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